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Loading .graphql Files

To load .gql and .graphql files, first install the graphql and graphql.macro packages by running:

npm install --save graphql graphql.macro

Alternatively you may use yarn:

yarn add graphql graphql.macro

Then, whenever you want to load .gql or .graphql files, import the loader from the macro package:

import { loader } from 'graphql.macro';

const query = loader('./foo.graphql');

And your results get automatically inlined! This means that if the file above, foo.graphql, contains the following:

query {
hello {

The previous example turns into:

const query = {
'kind': 'Document',
'definitions': [{
'loc': {
'source': {
'body': '\\\\n query {\\\\n hello {\\\\n world\\\\n }\\\\n }\\\\n',
'name': 'GraphQL request',

You can also use the gql template tag the same way you would use the non-macro version from graphql-tag package with the added benefit of inlined parsing results.

import { gql } from 'graphql.macro';

const query = gql`
query User {
user(id: 5) {